About me

This blog was always going to be "where do I start?" So I will start at the very beginning.

My name is Katie, and since a very young age, I have always loved to craft. If I wasn't crafting I could be found be reading. I think I drove my parents crazy with my love of crafting, from having my own set of pans to make candles or the million and one cross stitch projects I had on the go! 

Here are the reasons I started this business;

I have crohns disease and my job for many years was as a gardener. I absolutely loved it but unfortunately my knees, due to Crohns, are now not in a good way. So I was told by my consultant I had to find another career. Therefore in December 2019 I decided to take a leap of faith and start selling craft supplies. I had no money to put into the business all I had was a house full of craft supplies that were my own. I started to sell those and re-invested the money back into the business. Now I am in a small warehouse doing what I love everyday. I have always said if I could do anything I would own my own craft shop.

Its not been easy, especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic! Like everyone, as a new business trying to get my name into the public domain has been hard but I wouldn't change it for the world!

The crafts I love the most are crochet, cross stitch, making clay fairy houses, Paper flowers and a Japanese art called Kanzashi (if you have never heard of it google it because the flowers are beautiful).

My Family

I have 3 teenagers, 2 boys (20 and 19), plus a daughter who is 14 (she can be quite interesting at times lol). I am a crazy English bulldog mum and love them both to death even though they are both slightly nuts! My second love is VWs but old VWs. I have a VW campervan, a T25, although it's with the doctor at the moment as it can break down a lot! I love the van life. We have always camped and enjoyed taking the family to the seaside and encouraging them to simply be children, leaving all of the technology at home.

I hope you enjoy my blogs, please feel free to join and follow me on my new shop journey.